Terms and Conditions.

Privacy Policy:

We graciously welcome you on our website!  All the terms and conditions defined below are provided for the convenience of the clients. These terms & conditions are actually the promises that the company is going to deliver to the clients. All the terms & conditions are valid and applicable to both company and clients.

100% Money Back Guarantee:

We guarantee for providing 100% plagiarism free work. We have in-house plagiarism checkers that can easily detect any copy/paste or plagiarized work. We take all responsibility of plagiarized work and provide money-back guarantee. This money-back guarantee is for security and confidence of the clients so that they do not feel hesitant while making an order.

Different Discount Benefits:

Some of our discounts are available for the members of our website only and other customers cannot get benefits from it. We welcome all of our clients to join the membership so that we can facilitate all of you. We also provide referral discounts and 1st-time customer discounts. We request our clients to check the details of discounts first before making any claim for it.

Revision Of The Document:

We provide free revisions of the provided document only for the limited period of time. The revision period for free revisions is 45 days. If the clients have any kind of concerns and want to make some changes in the document than they are required to contact us as soon as possible. We make changes within the provided instructions and material. Clients have to pay extra charges for additional changes.

All Copyrights Reserved:

Our writers do not start work on the project unless we do not receive a confirmation of payment transfer. As soon as we receive the verification our writers start working on the task. The verification of transfer is important to make sure that the client is serious about placing the order. We provide proper track for the progress of order so that the client should feel comfortable.

Contact With Writers:

We make sure to facilitate our clients and make efforts out of the box. For the clients privacy safety, we do not allow them to contact their writers directly, but our assigned rep to you will be able to reach the writer and make any concerns of yours avaialble to the writers and vice verse at all times.  We provide a communication facility within the website or via the contact number provided on the website only. We do not suggest any direct contact with the writers for the safety of client confidentiality.

Providing Refunds:

We make sure to meet the deadlines and provide 100% plagiarism free work. For the comfort and confidence of the clients, we provide refund for late submission or non-submission of the order. These refunds show the confidence of the company on the capability and dedication of writers to cope with any strict deadline.

Cancelation & Finalization Of Order:

The company has the right to deduct the service charges if the client cancels the order after commencement of it. Also, the company is not liable to provide further services if the client finalizes the order. The free revisions and amendments will be provided only for non-finalized orders. The company is not liable to facilitate the clients to finalize products.

Payment Transfer:

We have completely secure and safe ways to transfer money. We use well-known gateways for money transfer that is also known to clients. We provide proper verification and statement of your money transfer. We value the time and money of our clients and maintain the sure secrecy and safety of the provided information.

Trademark & Symbol:

Our trademark and symbol is completely the company’s intellectual property. No other website or person is allowed to re-create or re-use the logo of the company. We have the complete legal right to claim for the company’s intellectual property. We do not entertain any such king of unethical theft.

Sharing Of Data:

We follow writing laws strictly and do not provide the client’s information to the third party or unconcerned authority. If the data sharing is required with our partners we make sure to take all precautionary measurements. We do not share the data without the consent of clients. We sign a complete agreement with the third party to put some legal bindings on them so that your data must not be misused.